Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Dutch Fight Back...Properly

The Government of the Netherlands is now actively cracking down on Islamic terror cells in their homeland (HT: LGF):

If I can believe RTL Nieuws, there's about forty different arrest teams currently active in the Laakkwartier precinct of The Hague in what seems to be a huge anti-terror action. Here's what I know so far:

• Airspace above The Hague has been sealed off until further notice.
• At 3 AM, arrest teams tried to enter a house on the Antheunisstraat in The Hague.
• Three officers were hurt, two of them allegedly quite severely to their stomach and legs, after explosions were heard. RTL Nieuws reports that a hand grenade was thrown at them. Two of the officers are still receiving hospital treatment.
• At 3.30 AM, shots were heard.
• No one is allowed into the area or even go back into their house. People can leave, but can't get in again. This led to strange situations in which a woman who had let out her dog couldn't return home. All those people are brought to a shelter.
• People who try to leave the area and have no identity papers, or turn out not to be registered on any address in the precinct, are brought down for further questioning.
• Around 8 AM, a man wearing only underwear who is reportedly of Asian descent, was apparently arrested. RTL Nieuws reports he's probably someone an illegal alien who had the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing is known about further arrests.
• However, a negotiator has been brought in. This suggests that the initial bust went wrong, and the people who this is all about, are still inside.
• The number of officers and soldiers down there must be huge. Some of the units are military anti-terrorist teams, which implies that they expect a huge potential for violence. The military units, the BBE (Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid or Special Support Unit), were first founded in 1973 after the terrorist actions during the Olympic Games in 1972. They are not the kind of people you bring in for arresting a shoplifter.

Meanwhile, the police refuses to make any statements about the attack on the Pauluskerk (Church of Paul) in Boxmeer yesterday night, only hours after an Islamic school in Uden was completely destroyed.

Here's the main site.

The proper answer to vigilantism (and I admit to having cheered for it) is for government to properly carry out its mission of upholding and defending the rights of the citizens and legal residents of the nation.

Nothing less will do.

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