Monday, August 21, 2006

So Anyway

Some bloody asshole wrote:

Well, President Bush will be here on Tuesday to raise money for homophobes,

I simply cannot see why President Bush would want to raise money for folks with an irrational fear of human beings.


Oh yes, the bloody asshole really meant that the President (one who was actually elected, not Comrade Bore) is doing a fundraiser for a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives. Which is to say someone who can reasonably expected to represent citizens who find a certain kind of sexual deviancy to be disgusting and contemptible.

Let's face it, even without the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases the practice of anal sodomy is filthy and damaging to the body, and thus not rational.

In practical terms, those who practice anal sodomy are fucking stupid.

Of course those who engage in the kind of mental inversion that treats the practice of sodomy not as an exercise in applied idiocy, but as a positive virtue will generally tend to do other stupid things, such as vote for Democrats.

In reality the practicing homosexual is not an affirmatively special person, he is in practice a fucking idiot, and it is not the least bit surprising that rational parents will make the effort to shield their children from them.

On a positive note, I have found that presidential visits to the Twin Cities area usually bring about an increase in delivery orders for pizza. So I expect to have a good day tomorrow. (Assuming of course the the fucking Iranians don't set off a crude fission bomb near the airport in an attempt to assassinate the president.)


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