Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just Memories

I remember that when Joe Lieberman was originally elected to the U.S. Senate he had been endorsed by William F. Buckley in the National Review (I was a subscriber at the time) over the paricularly vile RINO holding the seat at the time.

Joe got 48% of the vote in a closed (registered Democrats only) primary and he should win reelection as an independent. Republicans and independents are, contrary to the wishes of the Krazy-Kos-Kiddies, allowed to vote in the general election. And I wouldn't be surprised if some folks suddenly have second thoughts about voting for the rich retty-boy candidate that is backed by openly antisemitic Kos and his trust-fund-kiddy followers.

Of course I zink Kos und hiz Kiddiez should ve taken to ze river at dawn.


Oh, just memories...

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