Saturday, July 31, 2004

Thought for the Day

The Despocrats as part of their program to gain power through class warfare are promising to raise taxes on "the rich". Which in practice means plundering the more productive members of our society in order to buy off those persons who are less productive.

What the Despocrats fervently hope is not noticed by their marks is that every dollar that is forcibly taken from the real economy is a dollar that will not be used to create new businesses, and new jobs, or used to expand existing busnesses, with more new jobs or increased pay for existing workers. In any case the money that is taken from the real economy to pay off the supporters of the Despocrats will never be part of the paycheck of a real worker.

In short, the Despocrat's claim of being the friend of laborers is only so much effluvient matter.

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