Friday, July 30, 2004

Elsewhere in Boston

Blue Falcon on Little Green Footballs describes the lengths the local business-folk are going to in order to stay afloat during the DNC:

Boston has been a ghost town the last week besides the hordes of pass wearing delegates. Local bussiness that had tons of pro-Kerry signs in their windows have now taken their stuff down and put out signs literarlly saying "Customers wanted, Republicans welcome". If anyone doesn't believe me go (or call someone in Boston and have them) walk down Newbury Street from Exeter to Arlington. Especially check out the Prudential Center or Batterymarch area bussinesses. Particularly, Dick's Last Resort, Huntington Avenue location, has had some of the more humorous signs begging for customers the past two days

Gosh, how will this impact the vote for Comrade Botox and the Ambulance Chaser?

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