Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Stupid Is Strong

The Unwanted Blog usually covers aerospace stuff but this morning the owner posted the following:

This is an example of Hegelian reversal.  Here a bit of depravity, the tolerance of forcible rape, is presented as a virtuous act.  And proper prosecution and punishment of rapists is held to be a depraved act.

The fact is that the false prophet Mohamed commanded his followers to commit acts which in a civl society are properly identified and dealt with as capital crimes.  And this bitch make that Quisling fellow look like an upstanding fellow in comparison.

Of course I had to make a demotivator for this:

Update 1025: Mark Urbin has linked to this post.

And here's something else from Mark.

Not only is this stupid but it's down to the Scientology level of stupid.

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