Monday, January 04, 2016


From the novel:

Once he was away from Minneapolis the motorcycle functioned perfectly and the ride west went without interruption.  But he made a stop in Colorado.

In his prior life there was a an outcrop of rock on public land.  It was here that members of the local resistance, basically a bunch of school kids who escaped town when the Soviets dropped in, would meet between actions.  And in the end only two members of this band would survive the Final War.

After the war the rock was made the center of a national monument with a road for the tourists and an eternally lit flag.

Here and now there was no road or a flag post.  Although the Triumph was built for the road she crossed the trackless land without complaint and it was nearly sunset when he arrived.

That night he slept under the stars.  It was a bit past midnight and when he woke up the sky was clear.  The Milky Way crossed it from horizon to horizon.

Stone stood and looked up.  Here he stood at the shore of the Universe with nothing between him and anyone else out there.

Including God.

Now he looked up and spoke to God.


Why was I sent back in time?


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