Wednesday, January 27, 2016


On this day thirty years ago the space shuttle Challenger was accidentally destroyed during launch with all seven souls aboard.

Also on this day the Church of Scientology made their official announcement that L. Ron Hubbard had died.  In doing so they put forth a nonsense story that their founder had dropped his body and no mention was made of the fact that he had suffered a stroke a week before.*  The true believers were then shocked to discover that no one outside the cult gave a damn about that useless malingering REMF** piece of excrement.  They were particularly upset everyone was more concerned about the deaths of seven Wogs*** than with the passing of the most important being on the planet.****

* I personally favor the pillow over the face as the actual cause of death.
** Rear Echelon Mother F***er.
*** Wog is the Scientologist term for a non-member and the functional equivalent of the N-word.
**** Hitler used to think of himself that way too.

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