Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Answer

In a comment on The Underground Bunker, a site critical of Scientology, I compared the credibility of the CoS with the famous press organ of the Soviet State:

When the Soviet era edition of Pravda (Truth) reported that Yuri Gagarin had orbited the Earth aboard Vostok 1 it was a rare instance their publishing a fact. The CoS can't even do that.

Someone then asked a question:

Please forgive me, I've wanted to ask you this for ages. Why do you go on and on about the Soviet Union so much? It ended 25 years ago, you know.

I answered:

Why does Bullwinkle the Moose keep trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

In spite of clear evidence that it's toxic some people continue to believe in enforced economic equality which was the doctrine that served as the foundation of the Soviet state. And because the Soviet state enforced a falsehood it had to act in an adversarial fashion with respect to Humanity in General. Like the Church of Scientology the Soviet State must lie to everyone.

The continued fail of a cartoon character to perform a magic trick is funny.  The suffering that will be inflicted by the insane Senator Sanders and his followers is nothing short of appalling.  And most importantly it is absolutely preventable.

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