Saturday, February 03, 2007

Think Of It As Insanity In Action

I found the following story from the Toronto Star on FARK dot com:

There is something endearing about the 65 believers gathered in Canada's capital of capitalism this weekend for a convention on communism.

There are a number of terms I would use for such a gathering, endearing is not one of them.

First off, it takes chutzpah to call 65 people a convention. Then there are the facts: The collapse of the USSR and the Soviet bloc, Fidel Castro's fragile health, and the triumphs of Microsoft and Google and Wal-Mart. Doesn't phase them.

"The first airplanes didn't work, the pilots died, but the principles of the first flying machines were excellent." says delegate Antonio Artuso, 61, by way of explaining communism's failure to thrive in the 20th Century, and his continuing belief that it will one day triumph.

"It takes time for systems to work," he adds.

The science of aviation works because those who practice it actually made the effort to discover and apply the relevant facts of reality to their endeavor. The aviation mishaps that do occur are usually the result of someone not paying attention to the relevant facts.

The theory of Communism was invented by a group of professional parasites in order to give the appearance of modernity and moral legitimacy to the stone-age practice of beating-up and killing productive people and taking their stuff.

Of course that is about the nicest description I could give to it. Normally I think of the practice of Communism as being the behavior of those who chose to act as sub-human predatory animals. And as with any other predatory animal that attacks human beings I believe that they should be hunted down and killed.

Of course Comrade Artuso isn't the only one to not get it. Comrade Figueroa is optimistic about the future of Communism.

Mistakes have been made, he points out.

The first wave of socialism contained "distortions and perversions."

"I continue to be confident that the next wave of socialism will be qualitatively different, qualitatively better, because we've learned a lot of lessons from the past."

Because a 110 million innocent human lives snuffed out in the pursuit of an invalid ideology is just not enough.

Would they stop after killing 200 million or 300 million?

Of course not.

Parasite mentalities as a general rule see themselves as superior beings and other people, the productive population, exist solely as either tools that they can use to pursue their goals or as trash to be disposed of. Killing those who rightfully refuse to be the slaves of the self-appointed superior beings is not an act of murder, in their minds is it simply the disposal of hominid garbage.

I practical terms, a Communist is a mortal enemy of human kind. And killing a Communist can be no more wrongful than putting down a rabid animal or destroying any other active hazard to human life.

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