Friday, February 16, 2007

A Question

Why do I have the awlful feeling that J.A. Steel is going to be the Ed Wood of the Twenty-First Century?

Could it be the passion that she brings to her work?

Could it be the sexual identity issues she could have?

Could it be the appearance of ineptitude in her style of directing and editing?

See the trailer for SALVATION.


Leslie Bates said...

Of course I forgot to mention the appallingly low production budgets.

Mark said...

It looks deliciously tacky. Who knows where it could lead. Look at the original Highlander.

Leslie Bates said...

It looks like she filmed part of it on the site of the local Renfest.

One does what one can with their budget.

You don't want to see her previous film THE THIRD SOCIETY unless you're to bad films.

Leslie Bates said...

I will buy a copy of SAVATION when it comes out. (Will write a review for a screener copy!)