Saturday, February 03, 2007

So What Else Is New?

Once again the assholes on the Left are attempting to rewrite history to suit their own ends.

In this case they are attempting to deny the fact that leftist trash were spitting on uniformed members of the armed forces in the period during and subsequent to the Vietnam War. That and the screaming "babykiller" thing.

One should think that with a minimum estimated bodycount of 110 million persons of all ages and genders by various Marxist regimes that the label of "babykillers" would be more accurately applied to the Left.

We should also remember that the act of spitting on a member of the armed forces is also the repudiation of the idea of the right to Life and Liberty of every citizen and legal resident of the nation that service member has sworn to defend.

When a walking piece of leftist trash spits on a uniformed member of the armed services its message to all citizens and legal residents is simply "die motherf***er."

And as a citizen and former soldier of the United States I would have to interpret that message in a very personal manner.

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