Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thought for the Day

One thing we have to watch out for in the coming election is the old graveyard vote. While Chicago, Illinois is most noted for its army of dead voters, the state of Massachusetts has the fourth oldest group of dead voters thus possibly explaining the continued presence of such trash as Ted Kennedy and John Kerry in the U.S. Senate.

(Florida's earliest graveyard constituency only speaks Spanish and is therefore ineligible, the Jamestown colony in Virginia never developed into a big city, and North Carolina's first settlement simply disappeared.)

Of course with a written language and civil records being a requirement for the registration of undead voters, we in the United States can only take a distant second place to the Mexican Republic, whose civil societies predates the European presence on this continent by centuries.

The dominance of dead voters, including Aztec Emperors, in Mexico may explain the only recently broken dominance of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) in Mexican elections.

Well, that's my civics lesson for the day.


Update at 1820 hrs CST:

MigueldowninMexico at Little Green Footballs has just informed me that Mexico uses a photo I.D. card system to prevent cheating in their elections.

When did they start doing that?


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