Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mouth Dropping of the Day

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Collective brings us this bit of moral excrement:

The environmental costs of long-distance trade need to be properly taken into account... We must manage international trade in a way which is socially and environmentally sustainable, working towards global agreement on a raft of measures such as taxation on fuel and import tariffs designed to support home-grown businesses... This will help offset the environmental damage caused by ships like the Emma Maersk plying international waters filled with MP3 players and plastic toys.

-- Dr Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP for South East England.

What, afraid that one of those container ships will bring in the rope that your ass will be hanged with?

Voluntary commerce is a distinctive part of the human mode of life. To oppose commerce is to oppose human life. And those who are part of the opposition to human life, which is an inherent part of being in a Green Party, are nothing less than enemies of Mankind.

And we have no obligation to debate the enemies of Mankind, our moral obligation is to identify them and destroy them. Totally.

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