Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Quote of the Day

"“I still can'’t act my way out of a wet paper bag...but I'’m really good at getting even with the bad guys."”

-- J.A. Steel, aka Jacquelyn Ruffner. Bad actress and bad movie director.

Most folks who speak or write adversely about her first film, THE THIRD SOCIETY, are usually worried about her unarmed combat skills. I'm not, that's what bayonets are for. As a former grunt I'm more concerned about her marksmanship medals.

Imperial Navy Lieutenant Commander Dennis Sterling is shot after doing something stupid in THE BOUNDARY.

But, according to her self-written press release, she is going to act in and direct her second film. As someone who is only about a third of the way through writing his first screenplay I can only wish her well in this endeavor.


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