Friday, November 03, 2006

Democrats Being Democrats

3 Wood at Lgf wrote:

Having grown up in Chicago, I see the resistance, mainly by the left to voter - ID's, as their fear that this would eliminate the Democratic Party machine tactic known as "vote early - vote often". With just a cards with printed names on them and very accomodating election judges, a group of people can travel from precinct to precinct all election day long and cast multiple votes under multiple names. And I'm not talking about things I've heard are done, I'm talking about things I've seen done with my own eyes. That is how the Chicago machine overcomes a strong downstate Republican vote almost every election. My parents, who were staunch party Democrats, used to brag about how they helped rig the vote in Chicago doing that.

I remember my dear late Mother being pissed the day somebody pulled some old ballot boxes out of Lake Michigan years ago when a pier was being replaced (which is where a lot of Nixon ballots apparently ended up on election night in 1960) cause she said they should have had sense enough to dump the stuff farther out where it would never be found. Boy were they unhappy when I grew up and became a conservative. I'm sort of the apostate in the family.

HeatherRadish at LGF wrote:

When my dad was in school in Chicago in 1976, he was offered $10 a precinct to ride one of those buses. He had 1.5 kids and my mom stayed home with us, but he didn't need the money that bad.

3 Wood wrote in reply to HeatherRadish:

Still goes on to this day. Drive by any precinct polling place in Chicago this election and you will see some smarmy looking guy with bad breath and 3 days beard growth standing on the public sidewalk just outside the door. That will be the ward-heeler. He will have a pocket full of voters cards ready to hand out anytime you need one to vote - Democratic of course. He will also be keeping track of who has shown up to vote so far and who has not. You can literally be walking by, a vistor from out of town, and they will shove a voter card into your hand and push you towards the door. But you never hear of this from the Chicago newspapers like the Sun Times and the Tribune.

My question is: CAn we now do away with the polite fiction that the Democratic Party is a legitimate political faction and start treating it like the gang of traitors and thieves that it really is?

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