Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh Really?

There are 4,755 dead voters in New Jersey:

More than 6,500 voters cast ballots both in New Jersey and another state in last November's election, while 4,755 ballots were cast by deceased voters, Republican State Committee Chairman Tom Wilson said.

In addition, 54,601 people are registered to vote in two New Jersey counties, and 4,397 of them cast ballots in both places last fall, Wilson said.

So what else is new?

Of course the Donks had to respond:

"If the Republican Party conducted the investigation, it's safe to assume that the facts and figures are wrong and the findings are suspect," Democratic spokesman Richard McGrath said. "If an investigation is needed, it should be done the right way, not the Republican way."

Of course for the Donks the right way is a dog and pony show where the evidence conveniently disappears and their party is absolved of all wrongdoing.

So could someone explain to me again what the difference between the Democratic Party a criminal gang is?


Pious Agnostic said...

The difference is that sometimes, members of criminal gangs go to jail for their crimes.

Democrats become Senators!

Mark said...

You get better dental with the Mob?

Leslie Bates said...