Tuesday, September 27, 2005

C'est Pathétique

From the world of crime:

SHAWNEE, Kan. (AP) - A would-be carjacker got away with nothing more than the keys Monday after he apparently was thwarted by the vehicle's manual transmission.

The thief was armed with a shotgun when he ordered a 26-year-old man out of his Chevrolet Camaro in a suburban Kansas City parking lot. The driver complied, but when the robber got into the car he was unable to manage the stick shift.

The robber fled the scene in a four-door car that someone else was driving.

I don't know what to say.

I should think that it is common knowledge that the "coolest" cars out there have manual transmissions. I actully prefer to drive a manual over driving an automatic.

But then it really doesn't take any knowledge to be a criminal.

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Mark said...

Further proof that criminals are the failures of the education system.

On the other hand, they could just be born stupid and attempts at education are just wasted effort...

Years back, when buying a car, I asked why the doors locked when I put the car into drive. The sales weasel said it was an "anti-carjacking measure."
I replied that no it wasn't, a 1911A1 is an anti-carjacking measure.