Thursday, September 08, 2005

Moses, Call Your Office!

Louisiana, like an ancient kingdom at the outlet of another great river, has been taking some Old Testament style abuse this year. Varifrank predicts that another Biblical plague is about to hit the Kingdom of the Kingfish:

Lawyers. Lots and Lots of Lawyers.

And the multitude of lawyers shall bringeth forth a multitude of lawsuits.

(Les, cut out the mock Biblical verse!)


And with the multi... um... mass of litigation there will be a virtually anal examination of the public spending habits of Louisiana politicians. Why funds allocated at the federal, state, and local levels were not spent on emergency preparedness training and infrastructure, and what offshore bank accounts did it go into.

As a result Varifrank makes the following prediction:

Once the Lawyers start finding corruption it will be very much like the effects of a second flood only this time, it'’s a flood that will sweep away the Democrat political machine that has run Louisiana since the Civil War.

To the Democrat party, its as if they just lost a capital city in their domain during wartime. Think of it like the impact of the fall of Atlanta on the Confederates during the Civil War. Louisiana just lost its last solid Democrat voting districts, and any part of the existing Democrat machine that is still standing is about to be tied down in a Gulliverian web of lawsuits and Federal corruption charges which will surely come as a result of the floods.

Of course once the plague of lawyers is finished with Louisiana it will seek other vict... um... fodder to gnaw on.

The Democrat machines in Chicago and Detroit immediately come to mind.

The Democrats and their stooges in the Lamestream Media are making every effort use Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath as a club to strike down President Bush. The reality is that Katrina has struck the death blow to the Democratic Party.

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