Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This Is Not Human Behavior

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Socialist Rag of the Twin Cities):

Minneapolis police arrested a woman Sunday afternoon in connection with Saturday's fatal hit-and-run of Evelyn Geng, who was run down at a gas station after she tried to stop a man who stole her $50 and bottle of Pepsi.

I stroll into the workplace on Monday Morning and Anna, who is the head trainer for Pizza Hut stores in the district, asks me if I've been up to the Moto Mart gas station up on 33rd and Hiawatha Avenue?

I said no.

She then tells me about the incident. How the late Mrs. Geng was standing in line at the cash register with the fifty-dollar note visibly in hand when someone simply grabs the note from her hand and bursts out of the store to a car waiting outside. Mrs. Geng then runs out and stands in front of the car and demands the return of her money. The driver of the car, apparently lacking anything resembling a conscience, then runs over the poor woman, who later dies.

I've purchased gas and fountain drinks from this station. I've delivered pizzas to this station.

To continue from the Star Tribune:

The suspect car was found abandoned Saturday near the gas station, Sporny said at a news conference, adding that it had out-of-state license plates.

I won't speculate on the race of the suspects but I would not be the slightest bit surprised if the car had Illinois plates. I would also be unsurprised to later hear that the vehicle had been stolen from its rightful owner. Contempt for the rights of Life, Liberty, and Property of others is apparently the cultural norm in Illinois. Especially in the city of Chicago.

Now, the first thing that came to mind when I first heard about this incident was that the perpetrator was acting like a non-sapient animal, an animal would see something edible in its range of perception and seize and consume it. The whim-driven perpetrator apparently imitated what Ayn Rand used to call "the range of the moment mentality" of an animal and seized the fifty-dollar note from the victim's hand without any thought as to long term consequences.

In a civilized society the proper function of parents and educators is the teach children the skills and social norms for living in a civil society. This includes teaching the child to respect for the right of life, liberty, and property of others.

Socialists on the other hand, because of their dependency on the production of others, must teach the primacy of the parasite and contempt for the actual rights of others. Thus in socialists dumps like Chicago, the apparatus of government is materially and doctrinally turned against the honest and productive for the benefit of an ever growing swarm of parasites. This of course sets an adverse example for anyone growing up in Chicago or any other socialist dump.

If there is one thing I would hate more than Illinois Nazis, it would be Illinois Democrats.


Mark said...

I'm willing to bet that a typical leftist response is that she shouldn't have had a $50 bill out where it could be seen. I'm also willing to bet that the same people who put that forth would try to have you arrested for “Hate Speech” if you suggested that a woman's micro mini skirt and string bikini top had something to do with her being raped.

The problem here isn't the now dead woman who had cash in hand to pay a merchant or the hypothetical woman wearing a very small amount of clothing. The problem is the criminal who sees them as prey, and the politicians who put forth and pass laws to make sure that the victims are unarmed. It is the rare democrat who isn't trying to make America a safer working environment for violent criminals.

Leslie Bates said...

I drove by the station on Tueday afternoon. Several people had left flowers there.

Leslie Bates said...

Made a delivery there today.