Friday, August 12, 2005

I Need To See This Film

Werner Herzog's Lessons of Darkness

Admittedly, Herzog is more interested in the poetics of apocalypse than in the specifics of politics, but there is no escaping the remembrance that the Kuwaiti devastation was conceived and commanded by a single human being, and it is impossible to come to the film’s end without feeling a visceral gladness that Saddam is now a sunken old man shuffling the width of a pen.

Lessons of Darkness is must viewing for those interested in cinema as a visual art and for those who would be reminded why we fight.

My personal view is in short, we fight because the alternative to fighting is morally intolerable.

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Mark said...

Of course, Howard Dean, the leader of the democrat party, is still saying that Iraq is no better off than it was under the genocidial reign of Saddam.

He was voicing this "theory" as recently as yesterday on one of the Sunday morning political talk shows.