Friday, August 12, 2005

Someone Else's Thought For The Day

Tiberius hates traitors, and he's not too fond of the Established Media either:

The media also needs a good beating. When first arrested, we all saw the picture of him with an RPG launcher. That was a truthful picture because that shows him exactly how he is now and what he was doing when captured. That is what he was really like.

Now, however, you see the photo of him as a little kid, and the one from about 10 years ago with him all smiling wearing a queer looking jumper. I call BULLSHIT on that. That is not how he is. That is an out and out lie of what he is. If he were all innocent like the guy in that photo, he wouldn'’t have become a traitor and aligned himself with muslim scum and tried to do his part to bring down Western Civilization.

One of the problems we have in the American Republic (and I'm sorry to say that this issue goes back to the Founders) is our apparent reluctance to prosecute and punish the act of treason. The last individual who was sentenced to death, for joining the Japanese army and abusing American soldiers taken prisoner in thePhilippiness, had his sentence commuted to life in prison by President Eisenhower. And of course Jane Fonda and John Kerry are still free and politically active.

This is simply wrong.

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