Thursday, January 06, 2005

You Too Can Be A Mass Murderer!

All you have to do is follow Marx and Engels:

"The proletarians, driven to despair, will seize the torch which Stephens has preached to them; the vengeance of the people will come down with a wrath of which the rage of 1795 gives no true idea. The war of the poor against the rich will be the bloodiest ever waged".

-- Friedrich Engels

So far it is no less than 110 million lives that have been snuffed out by the followers of Marx and Engels. The Left calls us morons when we refuse the poison that they offer us. And if anyone suggests that the socialists should killed before they have a chance to kill any more of us he is called "the embodiment of all evil on Earth."

Wow! They really hate it when we shoot back.

Dr. John Ray is posting some of the more interesting quotes from the works of Marx and his associates and followers. Check it out here.

And on May 1st we should do something to remember the victims of Marx and Engels.

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