Saturday, January 08, 2005

Leftists In Action

Glenn Reynolds wrote:

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Posted 1:18 AM by Glenn

INSTAPUNDIT is down, along with all of Hosting Matters, I believe. The HM people say it's a DDOS attack. I'm going to bed now anyway; if the site's still down tomorrow I'll post here, but that's unlikely.

Conservatives and other folks with a reality orientation will take "no" for an answer. Conservatives and civilized people in general prefer to deal with others on the basis of consent.

The Socialists, like any other practitioners of an "overlord" ideology, would rather deal with others through coercion. By fraud if possible, by force if necessary.

Where a conservative will ask for an agreement, the socialist will demand nothing less than total submission.

Where a conservative accepts the moral boundaries to his actions, to a socialist no act, be it cheating, be it censorship, or be it mass-murder, too depraved in the pursuit of power.

Conservatives stand for civilization. Socialists are just another bunch of f***ing savages.

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