Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Can we crush our enemies now?

Again and again there have been more jihad attacks.  Because of this I have a suggestion for a response and the rules of engagement will be simple.  All Muslims, in accordance to the Koran, are enemy combatants.  No exceptions will be made for women and children in accordance to Western standards.  The rules of warfare as adopted by Western Nations are according to the Koran man made laws and thus invalid to Muslims.  Because of this the war will be carried out according Islamic standards.  Although there are apparently no targets where nuclear weapons are deemed necessary there will be no restraint on the use of chemical weapons.  As biological agents cannot be reasonably restrained they will not be used.  Islam denies all of The Rights Of Man.  Muslims cannot under any circumstances claim any of those rights for themselves.   In order to live in a Human society a Muslim must fully renounce Islam.  The refusal to do so must be treated as a capital offense.

No exceptions can be made.

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