Monday, July 04, 2016

Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do

Also on this day in 1776 a bunch of guys signed the ultimate breakup letter.

Update 0835:

An unnamed Bernie supporter with delusions of intelligence just tried to leave a comment.

Over the last century the supporters of Socialism* around the world have run up a body count of over one hundred million dead.  At the very core the doctrine of Socialism denies the very essence on Humanity and reduces everyone to a mere animal--a thing to be used by the Socialist state or to be disposed of.  If anything it's amazing that the bodycount isn't higher.

A proper government  upholds the Rights of Man including the Right of Life  Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are Enemies of Mankind that a proper government would have put to death.  The only reason Donald Trump has any support is the bulk of the Republican Party are spineless dilettantes who would rather sit in their country clubs and watch our nation die at the hands of our enemies than to go out and do their jobs.  Needless to say they have to be dealt with as well. 

* Communism is Socialism on steroids.

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