Monday, December 21, 2015

Idiot Of The day

During my morning walk I came upon a house with a yard sign for Bernie Sanders and a weathered sign for the late DFL martyr Paul Wellstone (!) in the windows of the front porch.

What can I say?

The leading presidential candidates for the other party are a crone who makes Richard Nixon look like a honest guy and a senile old man who has completely ignored the political history of the last century.  And their supporters stand as the most idiotic, ignorant, and insane people in this nation.  And that's assuming that they actually exist.

They call themselves the Democratic Party.

Why is that?

Democracy is the form of state that claims unlimited power from a mandate from an unlimited mess.

For those who desire absolute power Democracy is an ideal form of the state.

But in reality authority in any area is based on actual knowledge in that field.  Thus political authority must be based on knowledge in the field of politics.   But in the democratic form of the state the voter is not required to know anything on the subject of ethics, or politics, or in the case of Chicago to actually exist.

So why should we as Americans be subject to the will of Democrats?


Democrats in general have shown that they are not at all concerned about the actual facts of reality,   Nor are they concerned about the consequences of their actions.  That we will suffer and die as a result of their actions means absolutely nothing to them.

So why should we submit to them, let alone allow them to exist?


 What are your questions?

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