Friday, December 18, 2015

Another Rant

Mark Urbin has brought us these images:

Safe space...the final refuge of the willfully irrational.

There was a time when physical growth was the indication of adulthood and this perception was generally correct.  But in adulthood is a state of mind that in the so-called Progressive era has been negated through the corruption of the educational process.  Instead of seeing people and things as they are those indoctrinated in Progressive nonsense indulge in fantasies and make decisions based solely on falsehoods.  

Here an outright lunatic is denouncing sane people for not buying the pure nonsense emitted by the propagandists. 

The facts are that no two people are identically productive and there will be a difference in economic effect.  Weather has been and will continue to be driven by natural causes and is completely out of Human control.  And the species Homo Sapiens in the political context must be seen as a single race--the idea of morally and politically distinctive races was a fundamental cause of the lethal nightmare of the last century.

Yet the believers in these and other falsehoods demand that we submit to their insanity.


 Not only No but Hell No.

Knowledge is the foundation of Authority in every field of life and Politics is no exception.  Yet the deceived, the willfully ignorant, and the outright insane demand that we remain silent and submit to their nonsense without question, never mind the obviously lethal effects.  The truth means nothing to them, only their feelings, and never mind the bodycount. 

The fact is they know nothing and thus have no authority.  We are under no obligation to submit to them and if they can't live with that then they won't.

What are your questions on this rant? 


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