Wednesday, December 02, 2015


A few minutes ago I posted this in the comments section of The Underground Bunker:

A few minutes ago as I write this an ignorant narcissist posted the following on this otherwise sane blog:

"Just shows how many fucked up people are right here in the USA. Who needs cults like ISIS when we have our American Taliban, gun nuts, Trump supporters, Planned Parenthood bombers/shooters, young boys all full of murderous fantasies, etc. Most of the above, lest I forget, are white Americans. The era of Timothy McVeighs has arrived. Everyone load up on weapons this holiday season. That will keep us all safe."

I could say a number of things about this post but I would be missing the point.  Not only is this individual a collectivist he is a racial collectivist as well. He defines a person by their race and imparts beliefs and actions on them solely on that basis.

Racial characteristics are not chosen and therefore irrelevant to human actions. What is subject to choice is a person’s beliefs and the actions derived from those beliefs. And for the record McVeigh himself was a racial collectivist who rejected human rights and human reason. As a result he rejected human reality. The actual Patriot Movement at that time fully rejected McVeigh, his beliefs, and his actions. This rejection was based on the actual moral values that were actually chosen.

And speaking of language the words “gun nut” is a pejorative term used to dehumanize a firearms owner and justify lethal acts of state violence against them.

This poster apparently feels good about his own murderous fantasies. Given what Hubbard wrote in his work the Science of Survival he should feel right at home in the Church of Scientology.

Update 0115:

According to the Daily Mail the San Bernardino shooting appears to be another case of the Sudden Jihad Syndrome.  Of course this won't stop The Big Zero and those who orally gratify him from demanding the systematic disarming of the citizens of United States and the subsequent death toll.

Update 0400:

Someone on the Underground Bunker posted a disagreement and stated that I missed the sarcasm.

I replied:

I have to disagree with you there. When anyone calls me, a Caucasian American gun owner, a murderer I take it seriously. When someone denies my very humanity I take it very seriously. Dehumanization of a specific population is historically a necessary step preceding the act of mass murder.

Am I paranoid? Perhaps I am. But I would rather be a live paranoid than a dead victim.

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