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Of all ideologies Racial Collectivism stands with the ugliest and most irrational of doctrines.  It denies the minds and rights of all individuals and reduces all people to mere things.  The content of character and the moral choices made by a person mean nothing.  The race of person--something completely outside of choice--is all that matters to the Racial Collectivist.  In this case the Blacks are raised to the status of a Master Race and Whites are condemned to inferior status and death.

We've seen this before.

The Racial Collectivist mentally raises himself to a separate and superior status over Humans in general.  To him the Rights of Man are rendered meaningless and he may rob and murder people at will and an with a posture of righteousness. We are deemed to be things that are used and disposed of.  And for them murder is not a wrong but a moral duty.

In fact a Racial Collectivist is an Enemy of Mankind in General.  In a more rational day Enemies of Mankind were hunted down and killed.

Let's return to reason.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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Mark Urbin has posted this:

Oy Veh!

I’ll quote from page 44 of The Cause Of Hitler’s Germany by Leonard Peikoff:

“There was Friedrich Nitetzche, the prophet of the superman and the will to power, who was acclaimed by Hitler as one of his predecessors. The extent of Nitetzche’s actual influence in regard to the rise of Nazism is debatable...Nevertheless, he is a fervid romanticist, who revels in the post-Kantian anti-reason orgy, and there is much in his disjointed, aphoristic writings that the Nazis were able to quote with relish.  A view of the universe as a realm of clashing wills, ceaseless strife, and violent conflict; a glorification of cruelty and conquest, of ‘the magnificent blond brute, avidly rampant for spoil and victory’; the view that a few superbeings, ‘beyond good and evil,’ have the right to enslave the inferior masses for their own higher purposes–this is part of the Neitzchean legacy, as interpreted (with some justification) by the Nazis”

Replace the blonde with black and this covers the Black Lives Matter point of view.

Peikoff covers how the German intellectuals laid the cultural foundation for the rise of National Socialism.  And as we are now seeing the same foundation has been laid for Black Racial Collectivism.

Now if the black ubermensch types want to act as old school Nazis then we must treat them as such.  We must crush them without mercy and execute their leaders.

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