Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Rant Of The Day

Mark Urbin has passed along this keyboard dropping:

Now why would anyone make such a depraved statement?

For those who value Power for material sustenance the disobedience of their victims is a death sentence.  Even for the above quoted barbarian who uses Power to obtain a spiritual value--such as a warm fuzzy feeling--the moral independence of the armed citizen is a mortal affront.

Citizens have absolutely no use for Savages.

Update 1000:

 While at the local supermarket this morning I saw a copy of the latest edition of Mother Jones magazine*.  The cover story was an endorsement of the socialist twit from Vermont.

The fact is that given the performance of the The Big Zero in office the only way any Democrat will ever be elected to the office of president will be through the votes of the functionally brain dead and the actually dead**.  Should this actually happen there will be another civil war and it won't be like the gentlemanly affair conducted by President Lincoln.***

*Seriously? That Marxist rag is still being published?

** Such as in Chicago and other urban black holes of the Democratic Party.  (And for the brain death cases who want to scream "racism" a Black Hole is a dead star that is so massive that the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light.)

*** Who unlike The Big Zero had actaual moral authority.

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