Monday, September 07, 2015

The First Delta Hotel Of The Day

Delta Hotel is the NATO phonetic initials for a rude word I first encountered during Infantry Basic Training at Fort Benning in the summer of 1982.  The term implies that the individual is stupid and has more cognitive power in his masculine genitalia than in the head.

Today's Delta Hotel is brought to us by my friend Mark Urbin on his Tumbr site:

Not only is this individual a Delta Hotel but he's a Racial Collectivist too.

On the basic level of Racial Collectivism a person defined by an unchosen racial attribute and is collectively separated from Humanity in general.  In most cases those who actively seek to be identified by their race will mentally position themselves to be superior in some respect to Humans in general.  In the most extreme variant of Racial Collectivism another race is deemed to be evil in respect to the superior race and is to be persecuted or outright exterminated.

This individual is either ignorant of The Holocaust or may have chosen to dismiss the event on the grounds that it was a White on White action. 

In the original version of National Socialism the Aryan peoples were identified as the Master Race or the Herrenvolk.  All others were deemed to be inferior beings without rights and were to be used or disposed of by the Master Race.  If this Delta Hotel insists on acting as a member of a Master Race  then we should deal with him as such.  As was done at Nuremburg after the Second World War.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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AuricTech said...

To be fair, having a Racial Collectivist self-identify to the world like that can eventually help the world to become a better place.