Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fantasy Land

I just posted the following piece on an Objectivist mailing list:

Let’s take a moment to peek into an alternate universe according to Hunter at The Daily Kos:
Wayne LaPierre and Sarah Palin at the National Rifle Association is what an American Nazi Party rally would sound like if Germany had won the war. The flag, the cross, the obsession over the danger posed to the ruling class by violent minorities and the warning that arming yourself to the teeth in order to prevent the demise of the very nation at the hands of those violent minorities, the petty mocking of the rule of law and mocking of the quaint sensibilities of those who would not commit crimes against the nation's enemies. There's nothing Godwin about it, this is what it would look like. Does look like, in certain meeting halls and convention centers.
How do any of these people manage to get out of bed in the afternoon without killing themselves?  And does this apparent moron has the slightest clue as to what National Socialism was or how it would materially manifest in Nazi America?  A quick answer to the second question would be to tell the apparent moron to get a bath and a haircut, put on a uniform designed by Hugo Boss, and look in a mirror.

As described by Leonard Peikoff in The Ominous Parallels the vision of the American Left is essentially National Socialism without the Aryan frills.  Of course in the socialist mentality ignorance is a fundamental strength.  When I attended the NRA convention held in Minneapolis two decades ago an ignorant girl-child in riding in a passing car screamed the word “Murderer” at me.  As I was in normal street clothes two blocks from the Convention Center the clearly ignorant child could not have reached a valid identification on sight alone.

Is readership of The Daily Kos paying attention at all?  To read the hit piece I had to pass a pop-up calling for the silencing of the Libertarian Koch Brothers.  Here only the self-appointed Ministry of Truth is allowed to speak.

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