Sunday, April 06, 2014


In an Associated Press story it was reported that:

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday night that excessive partisanship flowing through the nation's political system is causing the U.S. to march "backwards instead of forward" and pointed to fall elections as a sign of how the country might tackle problems.

Let’s take apart this pathetic bit of whining.

The goal of those who style themselves as Progressives is simply to obtain absolute power over everything and everyone. No restraint has ever been shown by any of the partisans of “Progress” from Robspierre to the present day. As a result our world is littered with the mass graves of those who were murdered in the name of Progress.

The fact is the concept of “Progress” is no more than an excuse for the unrestrained exercise of absolute power. So what is this “partisanship” that this self appointed master to whining about? It is simply the fact that those condemned to be the slaves will not submit to the self-appointed masters. In the ideal form of the state their whim reigns supreme and those who stand in opposition and disobedience are to be permanently silenced. Thus the mass graves that litter our world.

In this state the Masters are no different than a pack of predatory animals.

So what is to done with them?

In actual ethics the proper way to respond to a predatory animal is to kill it. The Masters are essentially a pack of predatory animals, and thus the proper response to their actions is simply to kill them.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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