Friday, March 14, 2014

The Right To Disbelieve

Having just sat through the coldest winter on record since 1912 one could conclude that the theory of Anthropogenic -- Man-made -- Global Warming is invalid.  But to the true believers facts are simply irrelevant, and not only are the actual facts of reality treated as false, those who accept the facts are to be punished.

In other words, believe in the obviously false doctrine, or else.

Lawrence Torcello -- an alledged professor of philosophy -- has called for the imprisonment of real scientists who disbelieve in the AGW theory.  

The fact that intellectual freedom is a moral necessity is irrelevant.  The fact that the Terrestrial biosphere is a dynamic environment within a dynamic universe is also held to be irrelevant.

Reality does not flow from the point of a gun.  And those who call for the use of force have already falsified their own doctrine.

My message to the censors is to knock it off, or we will knock you off in self defense.

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