Thursday, March 20, 2014

Question Of The Day

Do you believe in magic?  I certainly don't.

At about 0300 CDT this morning I went down to the first floor of the apartment building to do my laundry.  At the time I also checked my mailbox, in it I found a fundraising letter from the National Rifle Association.

Even if I had not seen the NRA as a joke for the last two decades this letter was beyond belief. As part of another fund raising letter that emphasized the alleged fight for the Second Amendment  Wayne LaPierre made the following statement:
And as a symbol of your commitment to fight by my side in this do-or-die election, I want to send you my new Stand and Fight Challenge Coin.

Challenge coins have a long tradition, especially in our U.S. Armed Forces, as a symbol of solidarity among those share in a critical mission.  Over the years, Challenge Coins have been carried into battle by countless American soldiers, sailor and airmen to cement the unique bond among those who fight for freedom's cause.
As a veteran of the United States Army this is absolutely the first time I had read or otherwise heard of the the concept of the challenge coin.

Seriously, I'm supposed to believe that a magic trinket will somehow improve my performance as a soldier?  That this magic trinket will somehow cause the success of the  mission and my own survival on the battlefield?

No, of course not.

The remainder of the fundraising letter emphasized the ongoing struggle to protect the Second Amendment.  So what of it?

The actual issue is who is in command of your life, you or the self appointed masters?

The Second Amendment was never about hunting, or even about self defense against violent criminals.  The Second Amendment is an inherent component of the Bill of Rights.  And the Bill of Rights defines the relationship between the Citizens and the Government.  It is the self appointed Master Class, presently led by The Big Zero, who are working to overturn the primacy of the Citizens and establish themselves as the irrevocable rulers of our nation.

And because the actions of the self appointed Masters are morally intolerable we will have no alternative but to completely eliminate them.

And as you may have noticed Wayne LaPierre and his magical fundraising trinkets are of no help at all.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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