Friday, March 21, 2014

Concerning the LAPD

With concern to the Los Angeles Police Department a gentleman named Kirk made the following comment on a blog:

We threw a guy out of the Army, back in the 1980s. Among other things, he was a nasty little racist thugling, who thought that “White was right”, all of the time. Just barely missed giving his sorry little ass a BCD.

Roughly a year after we got rid of him, we got a letter from the LAPD. They were considering him as a recruit for their academy. We sent back a very thorough letter, telling them precisely what this POS had done on active duty, and why we had thrown him out. Character references? Ha. They got multiple statements from his former leaders saying why this idiot should never, ever be put into a position of trust, let alone authority.

About six-eight months later, we were sent an invitation to an LAPD academy graduation ceremony, with his name on it. Somebody was apparently trying to make a point with us…

I wasn’t all that surprised by the Rodney King affair, a few years later, nor did LAPD’s conduct during the riots. Recruit scum, you get scummy performance.
Why am I not surprised?

From my view the only people the police protect and serve are themselves.

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