Monday, November 25, 2013

Munich II

I was so depressed today that I had to mentally compel myself to go out and buy groceries.

At the Rainbow Foods supermarket the Muzak system played this song:

Ironic, wasn't it?

The fact is that the end of civilization is now in sight.  The savages are on the march and the political leadership of the nation won't lift a finger to stop it.

Today I felt virtually every adverse emotion that was possible to feel.  I felt anger.  I felt chilled to the bone.  I still feel as if my heart had been torn out and fed to an alien deity.

Why?  Why did this betrayal of our nation and Humanity happen?

The foundation of the problem is the idea that Peace is a moral value apart from and superior to Life and Liberty.  The idea that Peace could be a value to someone who is not in command of their own life.

To strike the pose of moral superiority Barack Obama and his stooge John Kerry sold out the people of Israel and  other nations to the depraved rulers of Iran.  It is only a matter of time before they  detonate a nuclear weapon on those they wish to murder.  And as a result there will be another world war.  A war that will without question be fought nuclear and other horrible weapons.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

Update 2140 CST:

 I could start out by quoting George Santayana, but those of us who actually perceive and think already know the statement.

History is being repeated and we are condemned to witness it.

The fundamental problem with Barack Obama and those who aid and support him is that they see themselves as exempt from the reality that we perceive and understand.  The history of errors made by the Progressive movement is absolutely meaningless to them.  The wave of destruction and the death toll is completely blanked out.

Because of his deliberate inattention to history the sitting president had decided to repeat one of the greatest blunders of the last century.  The Munich Agreement of 1938 allowed a totalitarian state to proceed with their program of empowerment and aggression.  This in turn would lead to the most devastating war in recorded history.  The current agreement with Iran will allow the Iranian state to construct nuclear weapons and use them in their program of aggression.  This in turn will result in a far more devastating world war fought with chemical and nuclear weapons.

And there may not be someone left alive to record the history.

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