Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday On Syria

It appears that The Big Zero is about to intervene in the fictional nation of Syria.  A country created by European diplomats out of the wreckage of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War.

So what happened?

In the ongoing civil war the remnant of the so-called government used a nerve agent to massacre a bit over three thousand Muslim civilians and an unknown number of insurgents. This is roughly the equivalent of an SS unit hitting a bump in the road and losing a truckload of thugs on the Night Of The Long Knives.

So what?

Both sides are Muslims, which is to say that they are enemies of Mankind and deserving of NO SYMPATHY at all.  Let the murderers kill each other off and let us be done with them.  Forever.

But The Big Zero is apparently chomping at the bit to intervene. Presumably on the side of the insurgents, who in this case are the local version of the SS.

Intervening in the fight between the SA and the SS would not have made sense with Nazi Germany.  Why should anyone perform an equivalent action now?

 The only reasonable ground I could see for entering Syria would be to rescue the innocent third parties.  Specifically the remnant of Christians in that land.  Furthermore the operation should be performed with only unrestricted rules of engagement towards the warring factions.  Those who gang rape and murder children deserve to be exterminated.

But The Big Zero would not think of doing that.

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