Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Idiots Of The Day

The group known as the Christian Peacemaker Teams is at it again. Once again they righteously ignore the facts of reality and take the side of the Enemies of Mankind.

In support of the practitioners of the blatantly false doctrine of Islam they have posted this prayer on their website: (LINK HERE)

Ask that God support the people of Hebron, who were unable to celebrate fully one of their most important holidays, Laylat-al-Qadr, this year at the Ibrahimi Mosque, even though it is one of the holidays for which the Israeli military guarantees them access to the mosque.

Let's translate this into plain English:

Ask that God support the descendants of the those who conquered Hebron and drove out or murdered the original inhabitants and who are now denied the privilege of desecrating a holy site they stole from the original inhabitants.

That of course is too honest.

There is absolutely no question that Islam is a false doctrine. There is absolutely no question that Islam is toxic to Human life. And there is absolutely no excuse for ANYONE to provide aid and comfort to the adherents and practitioners of Islam.

While as an atheist I have no concern with this group acting in actual opposition to Christ, as a Human I am outraged that they are openly supporting the Enemies of Mankind.

These vermin simply aren't worth the effort of shooting.

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