Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Work In Progress

I've already written the epilogue of my current novel project:

Time passes and life continues.

Zoe grew up as a fully human young woman and pursued the man of her dreams. In this case my fourth incarnation, for this I don’t blame her at all, but then I am clearly biased.

The wedding ceremony and celebration was held in Landfall on Zion. A live band played for the event.

Zoe made the first request.

“Could you please play ‘Have You Ever Had It Blue?’”

“My pleasure ma’am.” The lead singer replied.

The fellow actually resembled Paul Weller of The Style Council, even down to the British teeth.

As the happy couple began to dance Cheryl turned to me and asked a question.

“Why don’t we dance that way?”

“Let’s try it.” I replied.

I stood up and took her hand.

Human Life is both a joyous and a learning experience.

Live with it.

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Leslie Bates said...

I've just decided to drop the Fourth Incarnation and introduce another studly male character.