Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Most socialists, even the dumb ones who merely parrot the mouth droppings of their professors, have the sense enough to deny that socialism is in fact the revival of slavery.

But apparently there were exceptions:

In showing what a great social and economic model Communism is, Harrison Berry likened it to slavery by stating in a that "a Southern farm is the beau ideal of Communism; it is a joint concern, in which the slave consumes more than the master...and is far happier, because although the concern may fail, he is always sure of support."

George Fitzhugh, an influence on Berry, actually argued that slave labor was preferable because the slaves were ultimately free. It was property owners and free laborers that were the slaves. He advocated that taking decision-making out of the hands of individuals made the African slaves better off than free whites and claimed that not only all blacks, but most whites too, should be slaves.

Why didn't someone hang these motherf***ers?


AuricTech said...

Why can I not help but think that, despite their thesis that slavery is the true freedom ("Paging Mr. Orwell, black courtesy telephone, please"), Messrs. Fitzhugh and Berry would both be willing to selflessly take on the role of master, allowing the masses the freedom from thought that slavery supposedly grants?

If only these noble, self-appointed Superior Beings had heeded A.E. Housman's words*, they might not have felt the need to put such anti-human words on paper. One must admit, though, that socialist dogma is even more effective than ale in causing one "to see the world as the world's not." After all, no matter how much alcohol one consumes, one will eventually sober up....

*Say, for what were hopyards meant?
And why was Burton built on Trent?
Malt does more than Milton can
to justify God's ways to man.
Ale, man, ale's the stuff to drink
for fellows whom it hurts to think.
Look into the pewter pot
to see the world as the world's not.

Leslie Bates said...

Good one, Sir!