Friday, June 19, 2009

Even More Old Stuff

A reply I once posted to some moron many years ago: (Joe) posted the following piece of cognative excrement:

Well, it's official. One of the bombers has been arrested in Perry OK. He is a member of the Michigan Militia. He is alive you miserable bastards. Two of your ilk, brothers, are currently holed up in their rathole in Michigan with the Feds surrounding them. They'll probably elect to take Koresh's way out rather than show their lily white faces. They are also in the Michigan Militia.

It's over, militialoons and assorted gun nuts. Do not leave your homes. A Federal agent will be visiting you shortly. If you can't bear the thought of undergoing questioning, now is the time to start thinking about doing the honorable thing. It will save the taxpayers a lot of money.

To those who merely incited others to violence, a hope you never have a restful sleep the rest of your lives.


I'm sure that Comrade Joe really fells good about himself. I don't doubt that his friends (such as they are) will hold him in high esteem for the pose he has struck. And who knows, Tovarish Josef might even get laid.

One of the unpleasant characteristics of the self-styled "progressives" is their tendency to treat their wishes as being superior to the objectively verifiable facts of reality. Although "Joe" may believe that he has performed some kind of courageous act, he has in fact shown himself to be a craven and slavish servant of those who seek to subjugate us. He has accepted without question the stream of cognitive garbage that has spewed forth from the major "news organizations" without any apparent question.

However, on one point Commandante Jose has gone one step further than his intellectual masters. He has openly stated his wish to see the extinction of American gun owners. Will "Joe" accept the responsibility of carrying out his desires, will he take arms to act out his genocidal fantasies? I doubt it. He will obediantly bleat out "BABY KILLERS!" And cheer while the three-letter death squads carry out their campaign of extermination.

And he will be an obedient slave for the rest of his utterly worthless life.

There are few things in existence that are as utterly pathetic as a Self-Appointed Superior BeingTM. Those, like Joe, who scream for the blood of others have surrendered any and all claim to the title of Human Being and any and all rights of same. I simply couldn't repeat this enough, killing a socialist has never been and never will be an act of murder.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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