Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This Is No Surprise

The Soviet Russian Army continues the war of conquest.

TBILISI, Georgia - A Russian military convoy thrust deep into Georgia on Wednesday and Georgian officials said Russian troops bombed and looted the crossroads city of Gori, violating a freshly brokered truce intended to end the conflict.

In the west, Georgia's weakened military acknowledged its soldiers had pulled out entirely from Abkhazia, leaving both breakaway regions at the heart of the fighting in the hands of Russian-backed separatists.

And the Soviet Russian state persists in calling us Americans the barbarians.


Anonymous said...

Surprise,surprise,the Russian's lied. /


HTRN said...

They didn't waste any time breaking it - literally in less than a day..

I think that set some kind of record.

Mark said...

Not enough Georgian blood spilled for Russia's thirst for oil.

Or they are just pissed over their poor performance at the Olympics in their Communist brethren country and are pitching a hissy fit at the cost of Georgian lives.