Thursday, August 07, 2008

So Anyway

Yesterday on Little Green Footballs lizardroid Kenneth posted this:

OK, moonbat class, time for today's pop quiz:

How many terrorist "suspects" did the US waterboard?

Moonbat #1: "Dude like, hundreds. They're like doing it everyday"

Wrong. The correct answer is 3.

I replied thus:

Question number two: Should waterboarding be replaced by snowboarding?

Marine: Welcome to the fine State of Colorado, n*mbn*ts! This is a snowboard! You will ride this snowboard down the side of this (very steep) mountain! You will have fun!

Jihadi: But fun is forbidden in Islam!

Marine: Well that's too f*ck*ng bad, n*mbn*ts! [SHOVE!]


Yes, I know it's an old gag for this blog but I just had to reuse it.

Subsequently Macker at Macker's World created an audio file of the above conversation. Again, Thank you sir!

Listen to it here.

What are your questions on this block of instuction?

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Mark said...

That clip is so going my mp3 player.