Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Question of the Day

Some moby on Little Green Footballs asked if was willing to go to war with Russia over Georgia.

My answer was yes.

I want the Russian Imperialist State to be crushed and rendered harmless. I want Putin to be put down with a round in his head in the Soviet style.

The expansion of Imperial States are limited by by their modes of transportation and the opposition of other states. Since present transportation technology allows forces to be transported anywhere on the planet, the only effective limit to imperial expansion is superior firepower and the will to use it.

Georgia simply is an example of why Russian imperialism must be stopped. If we don't fight over Georgia then we will be fighting the Russians or other would be conquerors in our own streets. By defending Georgia we are ultimately defending ourselves.

If someone has a problem with this then they are just another fucking traitor.

1 comment:

HTRN said...

Sadly, the Georgian government is much better than the Russians.

Of course, this sets a nasty little precedent, and Russia has threatened Poland if they let us install ABM missile sites.