Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

As I said, What the f***?

Patrick Ruffini said:

So, this isn't just some sober, high-minded foreign policy speech, part of a foreign trip occurring under the auspices of his official Senate office. It is a campaign rally occuring on foreign soil. They are using the same tactics to turn out Germans to an event as they would to any rally right here in America...The sea of Germans drummed up by the Obama campaign will be used as props to tell us Americans how to vote, and the campaign isn't trying to pretend otherwise. That's breathtakingly arrogant, and par for the course for Barack Obama.

In the comments someone signing himself as Rensen said:

It's all about the staging. What, does he think he can peer pressure an entire nation into voting for him? the germans love me, so should you!!

We should of course remember that Germany is also the nation that gave us Communism and National Socialism. Thus any appearance of the popularity of Obama in Germany should be seen as a negative for him.

Of course I will die before I vote for an open socialist.

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HTRN said...

Considering we waged war on Germany TWICE in the last hundred years, I think I see a flaw in his brilliant plan.. :)