Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Thought for the Day

I just posted this on Little Green Footballs in response to a comment about the lack of enthusiasm on the part of Republican candidates:

We have reached the end of the era of politics as usual.

In the other party we are no longer confronted with fellow citizens with legitimate concerns but with a barbarian horde screaming for absolute power over all aspects of human life, demanding blind submission to doctrines that have no basis in reality, and the enforcement of policies that have been proven destructive to human life and civilized society. And when we raise rational objections to their dogmas and actions we are commanded to be silent and are subjected to punishment for disobedience. In every problem we face as a civilized nation the other party is either the primary cause or the primary aggravating factor of that problem.

The fact of the matter is that those who make up the membership of the other party are no longer our fellow citizens, they are our enemies.

Enemies of our Republic and Enemies of Human Kind in General.

We need to face up to the fact that our laws and customs have been corrupted by our enemies and now form a virtual Gordian Knot which binds us on a path that leads to our destruction.

We need to cut the knot. And we need to do it now.

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