Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thoughts for the Day


Being a know it all means never having to check facts or do a background check on the people who work for you.

To give a historical example of what happens with a know it all attitude we can look to an event prior to the commencement of the Second War War.

The Wehrmacht had printed a French edition of it's primary work on the theory of armored warfare and gave copies of them to the French Army for distribution to their garrison libraries. A year later the German military attache went through the libraries to see who checked out the book. Most copies had never been touched. The few that were checked out had been read by lowly lieutenants.

The leadership of the French Army believed that they knew it all.

They lost the war of 1940.

Of course past performance is no indication of future results.


Honor Blackman

Any questions? (Not in French, please.)


Mark said...

Other than SCUBA and Catherine Deneuve, what good came out of France in the 20th Century?

HTRN said...

Cheese? A few vintages of wine?

Of course, the Wermacht thought they were know it alls too. They thought they could beat US forces. Only Rommel really had an inkling as to what they faced, and was right in constantly pushing the idea that if we established a beachead, German forces were doomed.