Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John Bergstrom Still Doesn't Play Well With Others

Today in Attack Cartoons:

The fact of the matter is that Islam denies the validity of our Constitution and Federal and local laws because they are "man made" while demanding that we submit to their code of Sharia because it is divinely ordained. The reality is that Sharia is in fact a code of anti-law created by a rapist, robber, and murderer for the sole purpose of facilitating rape, robbery, and murder.

Thus regimes that practice Sharia are in fact systematically violating the rights of their subjects and may in accordance to the Rand Doctrine be invaded and overthrown by the forces of rationally governed nations.

To be honest I don't see why religions that deny the validity of our Constitution, such as Islam and Scientology, can claim the protection of our First Amendment, which they deny.

This rant is brought to you by The Department of Redundancy Department and the Minbari letter TRI.

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HTRN said...

It's reason like this that Curtis Lemay, patron saint of carpetbombing, gave us the divine method of reaching the misguided, called "ARCLIGHT missions".